Welcome our new Chapter Officers

Following a successful election, we are pleased to announce our new chapter officers. Take a moment to send them a message and let them know how they can serve our chapter better.

ASSP Elections 2020

President (non-elected):  Dave Holland
Pres-Elect:  Sarah Galvez
Secretary:  Danny Dilts
Treasurer:  Trevor Hinckley
Past President (non-elected):  Dan Fegel
Membership Chair:  Joseph Knickerbocker

Members at Large (non-elected):

STAR/COMT:  Eric Johnson
Prof Dev
Gov affairs/JUC outreach:  Pat Salandi
Newsletter:  Ed Henkel
Fundraiser:  Doug Handy
Fundraiser:  Andy Crossland
BYU Mentor:  Rob Gardner
BYU student section advisor:  Steve Thygerson
Web admin & U of U Mentor:  Andrew Merryweather
Elections & general assignments:  Craig Allen
Delegate:  Suyanka Nuepaney
Delegate:  Doug Handy
WISE:  Suyanka Nuepaney
Social Media: