Our Chapter Donations – Thanks for your support!

Jul 31, 2020

The Utah Chapter Board Members would like to share with our members where your donations go towards supporting student scholarships. The following is an excerpt from an email sent to our chapter leaders.

Dear Friends at the ASSP Utah Chapter,

On behalf of ASSP Foundation’s Board, volunteers, staff, and those directly impacted by ASSP Foundation programs, I want to thank you for your chapter’s generous donation of $3,076.92 received on June 24, 2020 designated to the ASSP Utah Chapter Scholarship. Thank you for recognizing the need to support your profession at this challenging time! We appreciate your chapter’s steadfast dedication to ASSP Foundation’s mission by partnering with us to provide educational advancement, leadership development, and research opportunities to advance the safety, health, and environmental profession.

Your investment in our mission directly impacts those who can make a world of difference in the lives of countless people, families, organizations, and communities. It truly changes lives. One scholarship recipient recently wrote: “Thank you for your generous donation towards my education. I greatly admire the work you do and aspire to join you in protecting workers’ safety. The field of occupational safety and health is my place in Society and this scholarship means I can achieve this dream. Your generosity is a literal answer to my and my husband’s prayer and will pay for my final semester in school. Thank you for helping me along my journey.” Her message is one of many. Your donations are used to build strong programs that help real people, and we are so thankful you have chosen to make such a strong statement of support. 

Thank you for letting the ASSP Foundation be your conduit for giving back to the safety community. We are grateful for your leadership in moving the profession forward.