2021 Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair

Over the past decade we as the Utah Chapter of the ASSP have participated as specialty Judges for the Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair (Senior Science & Engineering).  Each year we have various members of our Chapter act as judges, and we select the projects that we think are the best overall relating to Safety, Health and Environmental.  There are 10 overall categories/divisions for this competition – which is a Regional Fair – with those projects chosen as the top ones from Ogden and Weber County Schools.  This year the event was virtual.

Once again we were impressed with the projects, thought processes and initiative of our upcoming generation.  Great minds in the upcoming generation.

For the 2021 Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair here are our choices.

Corbin James -1st Place
Mount Ogden Jr. High
Mount Ogden Jr. SR-EV-017 fire suppression using electricity ($300 scholarship)
Rosemary Yahne – 2nd Place
Northern Utah Academy for Math Science and Engineering
SR – ES – 001 Minimum Slope Required for Induced Lateral Ground Displacement ($200 scholarship)
Robot and I 1st print
Shaylee Stanger – 3rd Place
Clearfield High School
SR – EN – 013 – A Robotics Assistive Device Application in Minimizing Manibus Tremors by Shaylee Stanger ($100 scholarship)

As a note – we also donated $200 to the actual Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair.  Each of our chosen winners have a certificate/plaque we make up for them, along with the scholarship donations – which this year will be handled by Weber State University – as this Fair was virtual and there is no live awards ceremony for 2021.

Thanks in 2021 to our Utah Chapter ASSP Judges for this event: Dave Holland, Trevor Hinckley, Sarah Galvez, Joree Felker and Doug Handy.