Wands for Wildlife

Wands for Wildlife

Please do NOT throw away your #mascara wands. Instead, clean JUST THE WAND with #Dawn liquid soap, place them in a ziploc bag.  These little wands are able to be upcycled to clean away oil, larvae, fly eggs, mites, infections, mud and other contaminants from wildlife.  These work great for medical care and wound treatment.  Consider collecting from your co-workers as well.

Drop off location: Utah Safety Council by June 6th

Silent Auction 2019 – Thanks for another wonderful event!

Here is a brief presentation from our very successful ASSP Dinner and Silent Auction fund raising event this year.

It was awesome, and it looks like we made over $3,100.00 towards our Scholarship and education fund with this event.

Thanks to everyone who was involved and supported the event!